BBB – Beats, Books and Box Office. A new world of breakthrough entertainment is available with captivating content at the tip of your finger.

Life has changed completely with all the different versions of entertainment available to us now, it was just a few years back where you were limited to what is available on the television or at the video stores. Now you can watch what you want to, when you want to on any device that is available. Box Office now goes wherever you go.

Music has evolved too, no more waiting for a CD to be released so that you can listen to your favourite band or artist, you can now stream music as you feel like and change it instantly with a swipe of a finger. Music videos are available on so many different platforms, you don’t have to watch MTV all day long hoping to see that new music video everyone is taking about. 

My favourite of all are the books available and accessible now. There is such a variety available it will blow your mind, you can download and read whatever you want. I hated going to bookstores because the choices were so limited, and you were forced to choose from books that they thought were good or popular.

Our lives have definitely changed over the years when it comes to entertainment, but it is also a double edged sword as people are not as social as they use to be and that too will change you down the line. BBB – Beats, Books and Box Office are my favourite types of entertainment, I will write about all amazing content that I come across and share it with you. 

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