Nipple clamps

Nipple clamps are sex toys that usually come in a pair, often connected to the other with a chain. You can even buy weights for the nipple clamps to increase the pressure by creating more pinching and pain

How BDSM can help release stress and anxiety

BDSM can help release stress and anxiety is often a topic that comes up with other kinksters. BDSM is considered taboo and a form of abuse; BDSM participants are often stigmatized as perverted or twisted individuals who act out disturbing fantasies or fetishes. This, of course, is furthest from the truth.

BDSM Punishment

BDSM punishment is something we all enjoy when this is part of your dynamic. Many of us enjoy pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules to see how far we can go before being punished.

Genital Clamps

Genital clamps are something everyone should have; you can use them for pleasure or pain during any type of scene. Any gender can use genital clamps before or during play.

Fantasy vs. Reality in kinks

CNC and rape play have become extremely popular over the last few years, and many vanilla people will see this as dangerous and reckless, and in a way, it can be. But this is the difference between fantasy vs. reality in kinks.