The best wands for solo play or with a partner,

There have been many new wands that have been launched since then. They are more powerful wands with flexible heads and different vibrating functions, not to forget some have an estim if you are in a mood for a little electric tease. Here are some of the most popular wands for solo play or with a partner.

Rammstein 25th Anniversary Album, worth the wait

Their latest album consists of 11 songs, all spectacular. This album is Rammstein to the core, Till Lindemann showcases his Germanic crooning vocal range throughout this album, commanding and twisted all at the same time.

Eisbrecher – New Album Schicksalmelodien

Schicksalsmelodien definitely pays homage to bands, artists and songwriters that have influenced Eisbrecher over the years. All of them essentially contributed to the start of the Neue Deutsche Harte genre that I am obsessed with today.