Why womens sport is in crisis,

Unfortunately, women will start being excluded from their own sports over time, and there is a reason why women and men have sex categories in sport. Womens sport is in crisis by allowing biologically born males to compete directly against biologically born women.

Narcissistic Women and how to spot them

Narcissistic women distort reality; they are never in the wrong; they are perfect. Portrayed in such a manner that their actions are always justifiable, she was just defending herself. They are arrogant and entitled and feel the world should worship them. They won’t respect your boundaries or feelings and will lash out at you if you don’t stoke her ego and self-esteem.

Claims that BDSM stems from trauma,

Many people believe that BDSM stems from trauma or sexual abuse experienced in early childhood years; there is a perception out there that BDMS participants are damaged or dangerous.

Why Feminists will never change the world,

Who are you to attack their choices? Who gave you the final say as to what is acceptable and not acceptable career practices? This is why feminists will never change the world.

Ghosting is a cowardly way out of a relationship.

I find ghosting to be cowardly and weak, and these people obviously have the social skills of a plate. If you are so weak that you can not break up with a person in person, send them a text or an email.

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