Shibari the Japanese art of knot tying

Shibari is the modern practice of tying people with rope, and it is a form of self-care with an artistic element. However, Shibari is not a sexual act; it can however create sexual arousal.

BDSM and Aftercare

Aftercare means different things to different people and their dynamics. Aftercare can last anything from a few minutes to several hours depending on the scene and what the sub and Dom/me need afterward. Aftercare is a way of making sure both parties are okay and back to normal; often, physical contact and assurance is necessary

Nipple clamps

Nipple clamps are sex toys that usually come in a pair, often connected to the other with a chain. You can even buy weights for the nipple clamps to increase the pressure by creating more pinching and pain

Self care the single person’s aftercare

The only shitty part about being a single kinkster is that aftercare is not always the highest priority of your play partner. Even though it is continually stated that aftercare is a must regardless of the dynamic many single kinksters don’t get adequate aftercare after a scene and this will often lead to subdrop or Domdrop, so self care is essential.

Aftercare, the most important element to every sexual encounter

Usually, in BDSM scenes, you have intense physical and emotionally draining scenes that can play havoc with your emotions after huge surges of endorphins during the scene; partners might experience subdrop or even Dom drop after a scene. Aftercare helps ground partners and makes them feel safe and cared for afterward.