Shibari the Japanese art of knot tying

Shibari is the modern practice of tying people with rope, and it is a form of self-care with an artistic element. However, Shibari is not a sexual act; it can however create sexual arousal.

CNC fantasy

CNC fantasy and be amazing if done right. Do you understand everything involved in CNC and how it could affect you? It is essential to understand what a CNC kink is and what it all entails

How BDSM can help release stress and anxiety

BDSM can help release stress and anxiety is often a topic that comes up with other kinksters. BDSM is considered taboo and a form of abuse; BDSM participants are often stigmatized as perverted or twisted individuals who act out disturbing fantasies or fetishes. This, of course, is furthest from the truth.

Electrosex with a TENS unit

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation – TENS unit uses electrode pads on the skin for sexual stimulation. You can set the intensity from low vibration or tingling to a high intensity that can cause spontaneous muscle contractions.  

Power Exchange and what it means

There are power exchange dynamics everywhere around you; if you look close enough, you will see it at work, in public, and of course, at home.

Chastity teasing

Chasity can be a rule set in place of no touching or orgasms unless instructed to, or it can be enforced with a chastity belt by keeping your partner is chaste. This way, you are preventing your partner from masturbating or experiencing sexual pleasure. Chasity forms part of orgasm denial, and some people are kept in chastity for months at a time. This will all depend on your dynamic and what you have negotiated beforehand.