Wax Play and what candles to use

Wax play has been around for years and is generally safe as long as you know what you are doing and have suitable candles on hand. Wax play falls under sensation play as it is thought to be very erotic to have your partner drip hot wax on your naked body while you wait in anticipation to feel the heat of the wax dripping on your body.

Temperature Play Ideas

When using temperature play in your scene, you can use many different items and ingredients. If you plan on using food items or creams, always pay attention to the ingredients listed and make sure your partner doesn’t have any allergies to any elements you want to use. Nothing will kill the mood like an emergency trip to the ER.

How to choose a flogger?

A flogger consists of falls; these are the strands of leather or other types of material attached to the handle. The handle is called a hilt, which is typically wrapped in leather for a firm grip. A ball will separate the falls from the hilt with an additional ball at the end called a pommel, and pommels typically have a loop or ring so that you can hang the flogger up when it is not in use.

The world of erotic cupping

Cupping has been around for centuries, and many people have used it for its claimed health benefits; however, cupping can also be used in the bedroom and would fall under sensation play.