Different sex toy materials and how to clean them

Even though cleaning your sex toys might seem like a pain in the arse, it is necessary to avoid infections like UTIs. Apart from cleaning your sex toys, you will also need a clean space to store them and if you received a pouch or sleeve with the toy, store the sex toy in there. You can store them in a clean container; try not to share the toy container with other toys. It will be pointless to clean your sex toy and then keep it in a place that is often exposed to different temperatures and, of course, dust or dirt.

Sex swings and how to buy the right one

Sex swings can take great sex to fantastic sex in just one session, and it will let you experience your regular sex positions in a completely new way as well as create new sexual positions worth trying.

The best wands for solo play or with a partner,

There have been many new wands that have been launched since then. They are more powerful wands with flexible heads and different vibrating functions, not to forget some have an estim if you are in a mood for a little electric tease. Here are some of the most popular wands for solo play or with a partner.