What is pet play?

As mentioned above, the most popular pets are pups, bunnies, and kittens; however, you could pet play or animal play as any animal. If you have a primal side, you could roleplay as a wolf or tiger. It is entirely up to you what pet or animal you would like to roleplay.

How BDSM can help release stress and anxiety

BDSM can help release stress and anxiety is often a topic that comes up with other kinksters. BDSM is considered taboo and a form of abuse; BDSM participants are often stigmatized as perverted or twisted individuals who act out disturbing fantasies or fetishes. This, of course, is furthest from the truth.

Subspace and how it can affect you

There are typically two types of subspace that can be achieved during a scene. The first type of subspace is usually reached through impact play, wherein the body enters subspace through the rush of adrenalin and endorphins during impact play, especially if there is a rhythm. The second type of subspace is achieved psychologically from the intense pleasure created by their Dom/me; some subs describe this as a euphoric state or out-of-body experience.