How to Unleash your inner Domme

Any woman can be a Domme in a D/s relationship, and many might feel they are too shy or could never order their partner around, but there is an inner Domme inside of you.

Exhibitionism and what it means

Exhibitionism is not always seen as erotic or sexy, especially when someone suddenly flashes you in a public space without your consent. Exhibitionism has been around for decades; we all have been exposed to it at least once in our lives.

Unicorn Hunting

A unicorn is rare, and it usually takes a lot of searching to find one that fits in with you and your partner so that you have the threesome you have been fantasizing about together.

Pegging should it become part of your dynamic?

There are often misconceptions around pegging that will stop many couples from experimenting with pegging. Pegging not only flips the power exchange dynamic but also allows your partner to experience the pleasure you provide.

Should you try anal?

Anal can be awkward, messy, and if done wrong, painful, which usually turns people off from it immediately while others will give it another go; but many will decide it’s a hard limit and never try it again.

Anal, is it the back door to better sex?

Anal some love it, others hate it, and many have never tried it, but one thing is for sure more heterosexual couples are trying back door sex these days. While many will claim it is popular because of the taboo factor, there is more to it.

Squirting the myths, you shouldn’t believe

Squirting, also called female ejaculation, is the squirting or gushing of odorless fluid from the urethra before or during an orgasm, usually through clitoral or G-spot stimulation. Some believe that because there are traces of urine, it “must” be urine others claim it’s a fluid that comes from the Skene’s gland, also known as the female prostate.

Masochists and their love of pain

So why do masochists love pain? Often masochists will just say they love the feeling or the intensity involved, and it’s just something they enjoy. It is all very accurate, but what ultimately lures them into their masochist kinks is the chemical reaction in the body they experience during a session.

How to choose the right lube

If you are kinkier, heating and cooling lube create different sensations during your sexual activities. You can even buy flavored lubes, but they can leave a gnarly aftertaste in your mouth, and because they are flavored, there are often sugar and additives in the lube that can lead to yeast infections in women.

What is Humiliation play?

Humiliation play falls under the BDSM umbrella, but many non-kinky people also use it. Humiliation play means demeaning or degrading your partner with words. However, it is intended to arouse them, not insult them.

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