Human trafficking affects everyone,

Our world is a lonely place, every bit we can do to make this world just a little better could change someone’s life. Sometimes all it takes is to ask them if they are okay and have a safe place to go as human trafficking affects everyone.

Disturbing findings from an online porn study

The online porn study found that 12 percent of the videos surveyed depicted sexual violence, with “teen” being the most focused word used when analyzing the sexual violence video descriptions and titles. The word teen featured in 7.7 percent of the entire 131 738 videos surveyed and featured in 8.5 percent of sexual violence videos; a total of 10 149 videos featured the keyword “teen.”

Child prostitution is human trafficking.

This child prostitution is human trafficking. These children are being pimped out during the day and eating diner at night with the same people that have no regard for them or their safety.

Sexual exploitation

Sexual exploitation starts with grooming, there are six stages of grooming, and it will be worth knowing these stages; if ever you feel you or someone you know might be sexually exploited or groomed.

Human trafficking and modern-day slavery

Human trafficking trends and analytics are indicating that human traffickers are using social media to target their potential victims. Online grooming is becoming the new norm with human trafficking, apart from social media, human traffickers will also approach their victims on various gaming platforms and most dating dating sites.