Non-monogamy, is it something you truly want?

Non-monogamy is often associated with the kink world, and kinksters are open-minded individuals, with many being polyamorous and enjoying the lifestyle. It takes open and honest communication between partners to agree to a non-monogamy relationship and what they both understand it to mean in their relationship. Being non-monogamous is an extensive term, and it can…

BDSM vs Abuse

BDSM vs abuse, there is no comparison. These are two completely different interactions that should not be compared to each other. One is forced, and the other is mutually agreed upon beforehand.

The myths of BDSM

Some of the myths of BDSM and lies told are just straight-up red flags and if they try to use any of these with you, run.

Cancel culture, is this the new norm?

We are creating a society where all our free thinkers, future academics, and leaders will become hesitant to speak out on specific issues or injustices because of cancel culture.

Human trafficking hot spots

Human traffickers make over $9.5 billion annually in the USA, although human traffickers traffic men, women, and children. Women and children are more at risk for commercial sexual exploitation.

BDSM online dating

When I try BDSM online dating, it is to find a like-minded partner with similar interests that I can connect with; most BDSM dynamics take time to develop. It would be better if you found a connection built on a suitable dynamic for both partners, and once a bond has been made, you can start the dynamic.