DM harassment

DM harassment is a thing; you can not just message people and give them commands; this is not how life works; this is not how a relationship is established or created. You can’t demand something or threaten people if they don’t want to engage with you.

Complimenting someone

Complimenting someone; you will learn so much more in life through being a better person. Your attitude and perspective of the world will also become better over time. There is so much wrong with the world. It is hard enough trying to survive in this world without having random assholes making unnecessary comments or trying to break a person down

Communication in BDSM

Often a dominant will put rules in place for the submissive to follow. It could either be part of a negotiated contract or just a regular discussion of what is the expectation in the dynamic. During these discussions or negotiations, both parties need to honest about what they want on how the dynamic will work. Communication in BDSM is the first thing that needs to be developed.

Big Beautiful Woman

Big Beautiful Woman, often abbreviated as BBW. Big beautiful woman is a thing, and many people find these women extremely attractive. Unfortunately, these women often feel the complete opposite.

Switch, the truth about it

I have often heard that a switch is just someone who wants to participate in activities without genuinely taking on a dominant or submissive role. A switch is a spectator as they don’t understand what it means to submit to a partner or how to dominate a partner.

Procrastination, why do we do it?

Procrastination is an avoidance archetype, and apparently that there are four types of procrastination. They are; I work well under pressure, I am so lazy right now, I am so busy, and lastly, I just had the best idea ever. I am all four of these procrastinations; with me, any excuse is a good excuse when it comes to procrastinating.

Plain Jane isn’t that boring

Dressing up in a miniskirt with fishnet stockings with get them interested but for the wrong reason, once they see you as sex on legs, your career ends there. You will always be the show pony but will never contribute to the team or the business/industry.

Abusive partner

He was your typical abusive partner; he would shower me with gifts and apologies, telling me that it hurt him more than it hurt me. He would say to me I need to behave and listen to him so that he could stop doing this, as he just wanted to love me and take care of me.

Opinionated woman

My stubborn and opinionated personality played a part in this ending, as this "CEO" did not like the fact that I knew more than him, or that I made it clear that I knew he was spoon-fed with no understanding of the industry or the market. Let alone an opinionated woman knew more than him…

Youth is wasted on the young,

A quote attributed to George Bernard Shaw in 1931, “Youth is a wonderful thing. It is a shame it has to be wasted on children” the true meaning could be understood in many ways. I will, however, not dive into those different meanings; my understanding of this quote loosely translates to – The younger generation…