The lowdown on foot fetishes

Foot fetishism has a broad spectrum of what turns people on; however, there are two main categories when it comes to foot fetishes: clean feet or dirty feet. Foot fetishism is then further sexualized by the size of the foot, the shape of the arch, and the toes. Some people enjoy looking at naked feet, feet in socks, pantyhose, and different shoes and high heels.

Is it consensual if they are drunk or high?

I have discussed this before; consent is always necessary. Even if it is with a partner, you are in a relationship with, regardless of how long you have been dating. You always need to ensure your partner wants to have sex and that they are of the right mind to consent to all types of play, it must be consensual, always!

CNC fantasy

CNC fantasy and be amazing if done right. Do you understand everything involved in CNC and how it could affect you? It is essential to understand what a CNC kink is and what it all entails

How BDSM can help release stress and anxiety

BDSM can help release stress and anxiety is often a topic that comes up with other kinksters. BDSM is considered taboo and a form of abuse; BDSM participants are often stigmatized as perverted or twisted individuals who act out disturbing fantasies or fetishes. This, of course, is furthest from the truth.

Asexuality and BDSM

Regardless if you are submissive or dominant, asexuality and BDSM can work well for you and your partner or friend. Kink and sex don’t go hand in hand in BDSM, and these are two completely different categories for many people. You will create friends in your kink community, and you can arrange to have non-sexual activities.