Masochists and their love of pain

So why do masochists love pain? Often masochists will just say they love the feeling or the intensity involved, and it’s just something they enjoy. It is all very accurate, but what ultimately lures them into their masochist kinks is the chemical reaction in the body they experience during a session.

An introduction to paddles

Paddles come in various types of materials, including leather, wood, plastic, ceramic and faux fur. Paddles also come in different shapes and designs, and this is generally for individuality. The look of the paddle is your own preference. Whether you want a hardcore black BDSM-themed paddles or a pink heart-shaped paddle, it is entirely your choice.

Ready to be spanked?

If you fantasize about being spanked, you might be happy to know that you are not alone in your kink; spanking is possibly one of the most common kinks in relationships.

Basics of flogging

Flogging can be a punishment, but many people use flogging for sexual arousal. It is used for sadomasochistic pleasure in many BDSM scenes. It will usually be used in scenes with sadists and masochists, as pleasure can be derived through pain.

How to negotiate a BDSM scene

Negotiating a BDSM scene will help ease you into the dynamic. It will help with your nerves and make you more comfortable, but you will also be able to contribute to planning the scene and understanding what the scene will all entail.

How to choose a flogger?

A flogger consists of falls; these are the strands of leather or other types of material attached to the handle. The handle is called a hilt, which is typically wrapped in leather for a firm grip. A ball will separate the falls from the hilt with an additional ball at the end called a pommel, and pommels typically have a loop or ring so that you can hang the flogger up when it is not in use.

Is it consensual if they are drunk or high?

I have discussed this before; consent is always necessary. Even if it is with a partner, you are in a relationship with, regardless of how long you have been dating. You always need to ensure your partner wants to have sex and that they are of the right mind to consent to all types of play, it must be consensual, always!

Rough play and The art of slapping

Rough play involves several kinks like punching, kicking, and slapping. Rough play is often used in CNC scenes and even primal play. You are essentially fighting off your “attacker” or fighting for your life in the scene.

CNC fantasy

CNC fantasy and be amazing if done right. Do you understand everything involved in CNC and how it could affect you? It is essential to understand what a CNC kink is and what it all entails

How to create a BDSM scene

A BDSM scene is something anyone interested in BDSM or part of the BDSM realm wants to create or participate in as soon as possible

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