Fast Cars

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When speed gets in the blood, one must drive to live.     Rudolf Caracciola

I have been enthusiastic about fast cars since my early years,  

This is a passion that my father awoke in me, he often took us to car races and even a few drag racing events when we were young. I always loved fast cars from a distance and would always pull over and obsess about a sports car in a parking lot. 

I never truly realised how much I loved fast cars until I got my own pocket rocket, my Renault RS 280 Cup. I slowly started racing other cars just to experience the adrenalin associated with it and see how far I could push the limits and myself. I have to admit it is an invigorating experience being able to kick-ass without any real experience, knowing that my Renault RS 280 Cup is light enough and has the power to take several fast cars on. 

I plan to take on more challenges with my Renault and I will be blogging about these experiences. I will also review affordable sports cars and all they have to offer, along with if they are really worth their salt. There will also be some opinion pieces  on desirable fast cars, cars that are unobtainable for most of us.