Power Play and how to use it

Power play

Power Play and how to use it

Power play is often used in the bedroom, but you can take it up a notch and include it in your everyday routines.

Power play forms part of a power exchange dynamic, is often associated with BDSM to describe a Dominance and submission relationship. Still, the difference in D/s relationships is that it is mutually discussed, negotiated, and agreed upon before it becomes part of the relationship. Power play allows for rituals and protocols to become part of the relationship.

You can easily create protocols in your dynamic and include them in specific tasks or chores. Protocols are basically rules that went to private school; LOL, a protocol is a rule that needs to be followed and executed in a certain way.

Typically the first type of protocol set in place is honorifics, which implies a high status like Sir, Mistress, Master, or My Lady. It is how you will address the Dominant partner.

A protocol can be put in place that both the Dominant and submissive need to follow; however, a Dom/me rarely has protocols they need to follow in D/s relationships, but this is entirely up to you and your partner. A protocol is usually put in place for a submissive to serve and make sure their Dom/me is taken care of during the scene or in general.

Protocols aren’t easy and actually can be a bit more work, but that in itself is a way to please a Dom/me. Many submissives do enjoy protocols as they and their behavior are being controlled by their Dominant.

Protocols don’t need to be a permanent thing; you can negotiate that certain protocols are in place at certain times of the day or only on weekends, depending on your dynamic. Pointless cleaning the house naked if your Dom/me is at work, at can not marvel at their protocols being followed.

The most important thing to remember is that when you have protocols in place, it should serve a purpose for both partners, not just the Dom/me. If, as a submissive, you enjoy being a service sub, then cleaning a house might be something you enjoy doing on your own for your Dom/me, but if you hate cleaning, don’t agree to this type of protocol as it will only create resentment.

Lastly, don’t go looking for protocols online that you want to include in your power play; each relationship is unique, and your protocols should be unique to your dynamic and relationship.

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Power play is often used in the bedroom, but you can take it up a notch and include it in your everyday routines.

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