Unapologetically me

I have no regrets. I wouldn’t have lived my life the way I did if I was going to worry about what people were going to say. – Ingrid Bergman.

Unapologetically me

Unapologetically Me, this will be a tantalizing ride with a whole lot of weird in-between.

Unapologetically me is my personal mantra, I am a curvaceous single woman in her mid-thirties. I have not had the urge to settle down or procreate. There have been many mistakes made during my life. I, however, know I am not alone. You might read about some of my mistakes and hopefully be entertained by them or learn from them, as they come up occasionally. I can however not change my mistakes nor do I want to as my mistakes have made me, unapologetically me!

Born and bred in South Africa, I have lived in a small town most of my life which created a real shock factor during my early rebellious years. I have grown a little since then but still have a long way to go. I am fortunately or unfortunately for some a very loud, crude, outspoken woman with a lot to say. My parents are incredibly important to me; my mom is my best friend and my dad made me the woman I am today; he always pushed me to think outside the box and not be another sheep just grazing about.

My passions in life are my family and fur babies, I love great music and as the saying goes – if it is too loud you are too old

I am obsessed with fast cars and have my own pocket rocket that I love to kick ass in. I hope to get you as obsessed with fast cars as I am and that you share your love for fast cars with me. I have some sexual kinks, don’t we all? I will be sharing my thoughts and views of them with you.  I blog about everything and anything that I find fascinating and appealing. We all have doubts about how we look or even how we come across to others. 

My goal is to come to a point in my life where I no longer have inhibitions or just not give a fuck anymore, the latter is more applicable at the moment. I am unapologetically me, and hope you will become unapologetically you. We live in a world that expects you to conform to the expected social standards, I say to hell with that. I am different, I am opinionated and I really don’t care who doesn’t like it. 

I am unapologetically me and I will not apologise for being myself!

I enjoy having open discussions, and I would love to hear your opinion or thoughts on any of my blogs. Leave comments on the blogs and let us see if you can sway my opinion or give me better insights into yours. Join me into a world where we can be unapologetically me and unapologetically you.