Types of Dominants

Types of Dominants

There are many types of dominants in the world of BDSM; many people are naturally dominant. Until they have been introduced into the world of BDSM, they don’t fully understand their dominance.

Dominance is something that can be self-taught, it takes time and a lot of research to understand BDSM and its foundations. If you are interested in learning about dominance, many books are available, like The New Topping Book and The Heart of Dominance.

So before we look at the types of Dominants in the world of BDSM, let’s break down what a  dominant is. A good dominant practices SSC and adheres to it.

SAFE, this not only applies not only to your partner’s physical safety but their mental well-being as well. SANE means to only practice BDSM when you are in the right mindset; for instance, never punish a sub if you are angry or upset. CONSENSUAL only participates in kinks and fetishes if both partners consent enthusiastically and do not coerce a sub into an activity as this violates their trust and submission. Always have a safeword(s) in play, discuss limits and boundaries often with each other.


The Sadistic Dom/me – This Dominant enjoys being sadistic; whether it be impact play or humiliation, a sadistic Dom enjoys inflicting pain on their submissives.

The Classic Dom/me – This Dominant enjoys all the rituals of BDSM, typically very well versed in the BDSM culture. Their submissives are often taught high protocols and are expected to know how to act within certain situations. These Doms are often seen as mentors in the community.

The Daddy/Mommy Dom/me – This Dominant is a nurturing Dom that often enjoys DD/Lg or MD/Lb dynamics. They not only enjoy the sexual aspect of BDSM but use it to care for and teach their submissives.

The Gentle Dom/me – This Dominant is very cool, calm, and collected. They come across as a protector and will often engage in sensation play or romantic play, but push them too far, and you will see an intensity in them that will send shivers down your spine. Regardless of how gentle they seem, they will gladly give it to you if you deserve punishment.

The Primal Dom/me – This Dominant will enjoys taking what is theirs when and where they want to, and they enjoy the hunt of the game. A primal Dom enjoys pursuing their prey, and these dominants enjoy chasing and having their subs fight back. CNC scene elements are often incorporated into their feral play.

The Master/Mistress – This Dominant wants a slave with total power exchange, commonly in a 24/7 dynamic. This isn’t playing to them; it’s a lifestyle. They own their slaves and make all the decisions for them; what attire to wear, when to eat, exercise or sleep. They could even control when the slave can use the bathroom. This is type of relationship takes time and a lot of communication before it becomes a 24/7 dynamic.

If you are dominant and would like to take it further with your partner, it is essential to remember you are both equals in your dynamic regardless of your roles or fantasies. Respect and trust each other; always provide aftercare that benefits both of you. BDSM is meant to be enjoyed by both partners, so always discuss your wants and needs.


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