Best floggers on Amazon

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Best floggers on Amazon

You can buy floggers anywhere online these days, and there are many BDSM or Niche shops available where you can purchase many different toys and accessories to spice up your bedroom.

I have listed a few of the best floggers on Amazon below; to take your masochist to a place of heightened arousal!

Riding Crop, this flogger’s falls are made from real leather, giving you falls 34 inches in length. Take aim and send pleasure and pain swinging down upon your partner with measured power. Every swish should be met with a cry of agonized euphoria!

LB Whips Store Flogger is made with braided leather over a 9-inch handle with 20-inch braided falls. If your partner loves a good flogging, they will make them quiver in anticipation! This flogger consists of braided, with loose ends to kiss the flesh with the perfect sting! The loop at the end is perfect for storage. Take your masochist to a place of heightened arousal!

Jack & Jill have a stunning cat-o-nine braided flogger in red and green leather, with nine falls. Your partner will be excited every time they see the elegant tails of this flogger whipping towards them. This flogger has falls 18 inches in length with a braided handle.

Another favorite of mine is from also from LBs Whip Store; this flogger comes with suede, and thorny leather falls, perfect for a sting and thud. There are thirty falls all 18 inches long with a stunning braided handle. Let the stunning suede falls crack across their body as they squirm with pleasure from the sting of the thorny leather.

These are some of the best floggers on Amazon, in my honest opinion. Flogging is very personal, and we all differ in what we like and desire. A skilled flogger has the ability to “read” their partner and direct the scene according to what they want and desire. Flogging should be an enjoyable experience for both partners that have enthusiastically consented to the scene.

Always remember to give adequate aftercare to your partner after a scene; always make sure they are comfortable and hydrated. After a bath or shower, make sure to apply lotion to all areas that were flogged during your scene, and if there are anything skin lacerations, apply a bandaid or ointment if necessary.


I have listed a few of the best floggers on Amazon below; to take your masochist to a place of heightened arousal!

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