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Sub Frenzy

Sub frenzy is often associated with submissives that are new to BDSM and even experienced submissives sometimes who get sub frenzy after a dynamic or relationship has ended. You are in a heightened state of need. You feel like you need to submit to a new Dom so that you can have a scene with them immediately; you must be spanked or degraded and used as soon as possible.

Sub frenzy is actually a very dangerous state to be in, and you could be putting yourself in danger without realizing it entirely.

As a new submissive that has just stumbled upon BDSM and all it entails, you realize that need and want for something that always lingered inside you has a name. Submission, it all suddenly makes sense; you want to submit and have someone dominate you. You start looking for someone, anyone, to fill this need and make you feel complete. You find a Dom, and you fall for the hard and fast; you meet at their place and immediately get into scenes with them. They push you hard and push through limits and boundaries you didn’t know you had. You will more than likely get hurt, used, and discarded. You will likely experience trauma and think that this what BDSM is about; it’s not.

The same happens to experienced submissives that aren’t in a dynamic, and they have a need to take the edge off. However, experienced submissives understand what they need, and they know what it takes to end the frenzy. Experienced submissives will often approach a Dom that they know or someone familiar in the BDSM community to help them. It is a coping mechanism during their journey of finding a new Dom. Experienced submissives know their limits and boundaries, and they also know what red flags to look out for, while in sub frenzy.

Sub Frenzy
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If you are new to BDSM, join a few communities and forums where you can ask questions and vent. You will quickly realize you are not alone. Do some research and learn about yourself and your kinks; not only will this help you with your frenzy, but you will also start to understand what your limits are and what you would like to experience. This will be very beneficial down the line when you meet a Dom and already have an idea of your kinks and needs.

Only you can take the edge off until you find a suitable Dom, join local BDSM communities and go to a munch or five. You will meet new people, and who knows, they might just introduce you to prospective Doms. Take part in online workshops and classes, become the best version of your submissive side while look for a Dom.

This thirst and need you have will be fulfilled; it takes time to find a match. Don’t put yourself in dangerous situations; if you meet a Dom, start off slow get to know each other first. Communication and trust is the foundation of a good BDSM dynamic or relationship. You should not be doing scenes with someone you have not communicated with or trust. I know it takes time, but a decent Dom will be willing to wait and teach you.

Your safety and mental health are important than your sub frenzy needs.


Sub frenzy is actually a very dangerous state to be in, and you could be putting yourself in danger without realizing it entirely.

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