Brats, how to tame them


Brats, how to tame them

Brats are naughty, mischievous submissives that like to get a rise out of their Dom. They are intelligent and witty and will test your patience if you aren’t a Brat Tamer or don’t understand why they are being bratty.

As with most BDSM dynamics and relationships, there is no one size fits all approach. There isn’t a Dom or a sub that is the same or has the same traits. Even though BDSM has three categories, you can identify as Dom, sub, or switch. No one person is alike; everyone differs, their kinks differ, which is why brats have some common behaviors but differ entirely from each other.

The most important thing with a brat is understanding what their brattiness means, how to challenge your brat and reward your brat, ultimately having them submit to you. Brats like attention, but they need a particular type from their Dom. It’s a look and tone of voice they need, and it’s knowing that they crossed a line. It’s the build-up to a scene or activity that they desire. You need to understand your brat and what type of brat they are.

Being a brat tamer is all about dominance, power, and a sexual need for your brat. I think this is where a lot of people fail when trying to tame a brat. It must be something you enjoy as well. There needs to be a primal desire within a brat tamer to tame a brat. A brat wants to be made to submit to you, and they want you to exert power over them when they are being bratty, especially when it is in a scene or the bedroom. Brats love being submissive when you make them submit.


However, it is crucial to discuss all of this when your dynamic starts; you need to understand them, and you need consent to push boundaries. Learning how to tame them starts in the beginning through negotiations of the dynamic.

You can not make someone submit to you unless this has been discussed and agreed to by both of you. If your brat runs away from punishment in a bratty way, you need to know it’s okay to chase them and wrestle them to the ground so that you can drag their bratty ass back to the bedroom, tie them up and spank them for being bratty.

It is also best to negotiate bratty times; we all have responsibilities and can have shitty days when we are just not in a mood for bullshit. If you have set days or times when your brat can be bratty, it is easier to manage and understand the play. It will also help both partners not feel disappointed or upset when the bratting goes wrong. It doesn’t mean your brat cant act out once in a while, but it at least offers both partners a reset period in between.

Brats are fun, playful, and exceptionally cheeky. If you understand your brat and their wants, you will have a lot of fun and many opportunities to tame them. Taming a brat needs to be fun for both partners, so make sure you understand your brat and what they need to submit to you.

Let the games begin and have fun with your brat.


Brats like attention, but they need a particular type from their Dom. It’s a look and tone of voice they need, and it’s knowing that they crossed a line.

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